Skin Care Professionals in Toronto, ON

Skin Care Professionals in Toronto, ON

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Skin Care Professionals in Toronto, ON

Give Your Skin the Expert Care It Deserves

Having healthy skin is the key to looking naturally and effortlessly radiant, and we can help you achieve that at Laser and Skin Clinic by Aigre Bloom. Our team offers professional laser and skin treatments for both men and women.

Trusted Family-Owned and Operated Clinic

We treat and enhance different skin types. Our licensed aestheticians and technicians combine our expertise and advanced technology.

Additionally, we use MeDioStar, the world’s most powerful diode-based laser, for all laser treatments. With that, our experts can perform pain-free hair removal, skin tightening, rejuvenation, and treatments for spider veins, venous lakes and acne.

to Excellence

Our team gives our patients the highest level of personal attention, comfort, convenience, and privacy all the time. No matter what kind of skin problem you have, you can rely on us to make your beauty and wellness goals come true.

Our Specialized Services


Laser Hair Removal

We can gently remove stubborn hair through a powerful treatment made possible by the MeDioStar diode-based laser.

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Laser Skin Treatments

With our infrared laser technology, we can directly treat acne, coarse-pored skin, pigmentation, and sun-damaged skin problems.

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Vascular Treatments

Small varicose and spider veins make unpleasant sights on the skin. Using MeDioStar, our technicians destroy the veins without damaging the skin through direct laser exposure. The veins may disappear immediately after the treatment.

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Face & Body

We offer various treatments : Injectables, Facials, Chemical and Algae Peels, Microneedling, RF Microneedling to erase damaged skin cells, reduce appearance of Scars and Cellulite, tighten your skin and give you a dewy and youthful look.

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Start Your Skin Care Journey With Us

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